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We are a custom web design and development company with a focus on simple, intuitive and high performance design & development.

Which web application do you require?

Web development services support the creation of all varieties of web-based applications and provide a positive online experience. Although from the outside, various web solution types may appear to be similar, we approach them in different ways and understand which factors are most important in each situation.

online portals

Affworld has been using online portals since 2013 to reach a variety of audiences, including clients, business partners, e-commerce consumers, patients, suppliers, and interest-based communities. We build web portals that automatically assemble data from business systems and serve as a source of current knowledge and assistance for users.


The websites we've built are used for corporate presentation and brand building by more than 250 enterprises, governmental agencies, and nonprofits. We make sure that the page editor on our websites is simple to use so that dynamic material may be managed.


In our 10 years of e-commerce development, we've advanced our expertise from developing entry-level stores for start-ups to creating personalised e-commerce solutions for massive, rapidly expanding companies. By utilising scalable microservices architectures and enabling high levels of automation for all business operations, we increase corporate efficiency.

Web applications

You may discover solutions for the effective administration of various company tasks in our collection of 1,900+ web applications that we have developed. We use intelligent automation to organise business apps and simplify procedures for seamless operation.

Our Process

We are an Agile based web development company and one of our strengths come from our commitment to design & develop in an organized, incremental and interactive process.


We get in touch with you and discuss your design aspirations and inspirations to understand and sync with them.


We start our research and try to find the best in your niche to deliver an uncompromising design that caters to your audience.

Wire Framing

This is where you get to see how everything will work and give us your feedback and only upon finalizing the execution and functionalities of the design we move the next phase.


We come up with one or two designs closely related to each other that reflect your vision and our research. Upon finalizing the design these templates go to our development ninjas.


By implementing latest and best coding standards, we will develop a responsive, fast and secure website.

Fully Customized Web and CMS Development Services Designed and Developed According to Your Business Needs

  • Tailored web and CMS solutions for businesses on various platforms including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla
  • Advanced technologies and programming languages utilized for seamless performance and user experience
  • Free web and CMS design revisions and unlimited storage hosting with SSL security
  • Free launch of the website and 24×7 technical support for one year
  • From ideation to launch and beyond, our web and CMS development services are designed to meet your specific business requirements.

What are some reasons why a business might need a Web and CMS development service

1. Custom Web and CMS Solutions

Web and CMS development services can provide custom web and CMS solutions that are tailored to a business’s specific needs, such as a new website, an e-commerce platform, or a content management system.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Developing a website or CMS in-house can be expensive and time-consuming. Web and CMS development services can provide a cost-effective solution by leveraging their expertise, experience, and tools to create high-quality websites and CMS solutions.

3. Access to Skilled Professionals

Web and CMS development services have access to a team of skilled professionals who specialize in different areas of web and CMS development, such as web developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, UX/UI designers, and project managers.

4. Innovation

Web and CMS development services can help businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing innovative solutions that can enhance business operations, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.

5. Scalability

As a business grows, its web and CMS needs may also evolve. Web and CMS development services can help businesses scale their web and CMS solutions to meet changing needs, such as adding new features, integrating with other systems, or migrating to a new platform.

6. Faster Time to Market

Web and CMS development services can help businesses bring new web and CMS solutions to market faster, as they have the expertise and tools to develop websites and CMS efficiently and effectively.

Web Development Philosophy

Design, typography, speed and other UI & UX factors greatly weigh into converting your visitors to customers & readers to subscribers.

We Design

Our team of professionals closely examines and comprehends the web and CMS development project requirements to create a visually appealing and intuitive design that delivers an exceptional user experience.

We Develop

Our team comprises web and CMS developers who collaborate to build a scalable and efficient software solution utilizing the latest technology and best practices for web and CMS development.

We Deploy

We adhere to standard naming conventions and deploy the web and CMS software solution on a secure hosting platform after rigorous testing to ensure a hassle-free launch.

We Support

Our support doesn't end after the deployment. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the web and CMS software solution operates smoothly and efficiently, and our technical team is always available to address any concerns or issues.

Web Technologies we excel at

We excel at all the leading technologies and follow best coding practices that result in a great user experience and product extensibility

 Front end:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS


Digitalocean, AWS etc


Drupal, WordPress. CS-Cart, Magento


PHP(Codeigniter, Laravel), Node JS (Express JS)


MySQL, MongoDB

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands


Our expert team provides end-to-end web development services, from design to launch, ensuring a user-friendly, responsive, and search engine optimized website. Our CMS development services provide a powerful tool for managing website content efficiently. We offer cost-effective solutions for blogs, e-commerce stores, and corporate websites.

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